Tripping Over The Truth, Vol I E-Book release and one year update

It's been one year since I transitioned Eclectic Spacewalk to a Substack newsletter, created the "Conversations" podcast on Anchor & YouTube, and started a production company to film around the world!

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Table of Contents

  • A lot can happen in a year!

  • Conversations podcast

  • ES Productions

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Hey Eclectic Spacewalkers,

A lot can happen in a year! July 2019 saw the creation of this Substack newsletter and the reinvention of Eclectic Spacewalk.

Two years previous, in June 2017, I needed a creative outlet to express all the practical knowledge I was coming across from keeping my journalistic ear to the pavement on intriguing, useful, and fringe ideas to the layman. I called my monthly Medium posts “Eclectic Spacewalk” and a “deep links aggregator.” You can look through the pre-newsletter archive: HERE.

If you take “eclectic” (one of my favorite words other than ‘plethora’)

and “spacewalk” (via and smash them together to make Eclectic Spacewalk.

Which loosely can be defined as - A broad & diverse range of Earth-based philosophies viewed from outer space.

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In my introduction post, Hello World, I began with a story about ‘tripping over the truth’ and how ingrained biases in individuals and collectives can have negative consequences, but also that dealing with any issue creates ethical questions of all kinds.

I have since tried to write about eclectic, but more importantly practical and pragmatic ways of seeing and interacting with the world. Heuristics, mental models, and being open about new ideas and ways of thinking have been the foundation for the curious in mind. The full archive can be read on Substack, Medium, or the website.


  • Consilience - The unity of knowledge

  • The Overview Effect - The psychological effect of seeing the Earth from Space. Four Pillars: The Void, Fragile Atmosphere, No Borders, & a Unified Planetary Protection Society

  • Terrestrial Politics - A theoretical approach to the political reorganization of every Terrestrial being’s dwelling place (within Earth’s “Critical Zone”), including its own way of identifying what is local, what is global, and of defining its entanglements with other beings.

  • Non-Zero Sum - In game theory, a Zero-Sum game is one where correlations are always inverse. So there is always a binary winner and a loser. In a Non-Zero Sum game the correlations are joined. The circumstances can be either Win/Win, or Lose/Lose. The outcomes are linked!

  • Systems Thinking - Summary of Systems Principles, 12 Places to Intervene, 15 Guidelines for Living in a World of Systems

  • Skin in the Game - “Skin In The Game” is a multilayered & continuously evolving aphorism about viewing the world through incurred risk to yourself and others. Risk *should* be shared more symmetrically. If we look at history, then systems that evolve, and thus survive, fundamentally have “Skin In The Game” characteristics.

  • Anomie - Acts of self-destruction by individuals & society are partly caused by the disintegration of social bonds

  • Our Second Psychedelic Renaissance - Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is undergoing a second renaissance with renewed interest in treating mental ailments such as addiction and the fear of dying.

  • Object-Oriented Ontology - “Object-Oriented Ontology” or “OOO” is a branch of philosophy, also associated with speculative realism, that puts “things” at the center of its study. In addition, it states that an object is not the sum of its bits or all of its effects, but instead just an object in itself.”

  • Four Futures of Narrative Economics - Narratives in the field of economics about life after capitalism.

  • (Not in this E-Book) Updated Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth - An updated version of Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth will not be a book, but a collection of 1000s of local cultures & memories based in Anticipatory Design Science and GLOCAL inter-relatedness.

This led to hosting recorded conversations in Los Angeles and also traveling to Denmark, England, and Greece last fall to speak with some of the most intriguing minds I have ever met. Each and every guest was gracious with their time, and I enjoyed sharing a piece of humanity with them. Links to each are at the top of the page.

Conversations Podcasts

10) Rob Harper - “Journey’s to the Edge of Consciousness” Filmmaker

9) Eric Schwitzgebel - Professor of Philosophy, UC-Riverside

8) Mike Elias - Creator of Idea Markets

7) Yorgos Krassakopoulos - Programming Director for Thessaloniki International Film Festival

6) George Por - Founder & Academic Dean of Campus Co-Evolve

5) Vinay Gupta - CEO of Mattereum & helped launch Ethereum cryptocurrency

4) Ronni Abergel - Founder & CEO of The Human Library Organization

3) Tiago Forte - Entrepreneur, Productivity Coach, and Writer

2) Michael Cholbi - Professor of Philosophy, the University of Edinburgh (Formerly of Cal Poly-Pomona)

1) Millicent Ally - Author/Poet

ES Productions

During our travels and making the podcast, my cinematographer and partner Christine Adams and I were able to leverage our video production expertise to create content for an array of clients and ourselves.

We began last summer with a pro-bono commercial for a women’s self-care workshop called Summer SOULstice. We had an incredible time filming, producing, and editing two advertisements that they could use for future promotions and events.

After recording a podcast with guest Tiago Forte, we filmed his ‘Creative Process workshop’ that same evening in downtown LA. Tiago was blown away by some of the footage, so we agreed to put together a paid video for him and his business partner David Perell to promote on their sites.

The video came out amazing, and Tiago asked if we wanted to produce the video element of his ‘Los Angeles: Notion as a Second Brain’ tour stop. We agreed to direct, produce, and edit a full event recording and highlight reel. It was an amazing experience putting everything together, and we are always interested in hearing from like-minded clients looking to hire a team to tell impactful stories.

During COVID19 lockdown with time on our hands, other than finishing this E-Book, we were able to go through our footage from our Euro trip last fall. We were able to make a video about The Human Library. Next up is our time at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival. Links are at the top of the page.

Tripping Over The Truth, Vol I

This has taken me too many hours, too many emails, too many edits, and too much stress, but the E-Book is finally out. It is yours to read, think about, and share.

I put together my first ten newsletters, transcripts from the first ten ‘Conversations’ podcasts, and got my friend Shane Allen aka, who also made the Eclectic Spacewalk logo, to create some incredible illustrations to go with each content piece.

I hope you enjoy scratching your brain’s curiosity itch.

You can purchase the E-Book for free using the promo code “substack” at check out: HERE.

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“Make the world work, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.” - Buckminster Fuller

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What’s Next

Each month I will continue to write a long-form essay on an eclectic heuristic or mental model that I believe we could all benefit from looking at closer. Always keeping in mind the perspective of a human living in the Anthropocene amongst environmental degradation and uncertain futures, but having the technology and wisdom to probe the internal and external heavens like never before.

We will continue to have Conversations with eclectic people and experts in their respective fields of interest. We commit to the highest production quality in our podcast recordings and making them as accessible to as many people as possible. If you have any suggestions for a podcast guest, please send our way.

We will continue to tell impactful stories that will resonate with a diverse and broad audience in mind with ES Productions. Be on the lookout for more short films and client videos in the near future. If you would like to hire us or talk about filming, please reach out directly.

In between the long-form essays and Conversations, each week I will go back to my roots and reinstitute my idea of a “deep links aggregator” with a different theme each week called ‘The Overview’. Check out the most recent “Juneteenth” themed newsletter: HERE.

Until next time - Ad Astra!


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