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Eclectic Spacewalk = A broad & diverse range of Earth-based philosophies viewed from outer space.

A weekly newsletter on an interesting and timely theme, a monthly long-form essay about a useful heuristic or idea, a monthly conversation with an eclectic mind or expert in their field of study, and a production company trying to tell impactful stories for meaningful causes.


  • A weekly newsletter on a different theme.

  • A monthly long-form essay on an interesting heuristic, idea, or modality of thinking

  • A monthly conversation with an eclectic mind or expert in their field of study

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You should subscribe, read, listen, discuss, think about, and share if you are generally interested in the system architecture of our present reality. I am not exactly sure what this experience, we call living a life, is…

Asking poignant questions, following the brightest minds in every field, compiling the information from a totality mindset to better help all decision-making processes, and learning more from the causal connections of mind/the environment and their understanding of each other has become my: why?.

Whether you are a generalist, or a specialist, or one who likes to put on both caps - like I do -  there is something for everyone to learn and have their interested peaked. We live in the greatest time in the history of humanity, let’s start acting like it!


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Nicholas McCay
A human living on Earth during the Anthropocene.